Hey Yo Yo

Yesterday was our baby shower day! Aww it was soo fun. I want to do it again and again :P We had it here in our loft apartment with our lovely friends’ help (THANK YOU SO MUCH, Mio & Masa!!), it was nothing traditional, coed brunch party just like we wanted :)

I ordered these cute cupcake liners, baking cups and paper bags (aw, the paper bags didn’t get to use, but will be used later!) from Hey Yo Yo — great party supplies shop on etsy! I visited their shop many times prior and wanted to get each one of them, they are all just so cute and fun, makes me want to throw a party all the time!

If you are planning on even a little get together, I would suggest just looking at their shop to get an idea or purchase something fun for your special/non-special occasion :)

Photos from the shower will follow later…

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  1. room6 >>
    hello! thank you for stopping by :)
    yeah, the shop is great! never been to wisconsin, but would love to visit someday!

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