The Renegade Craft Fair 2010

I went to the Renegade Craft fair in the late afternoon on Sunday… and it started pouring as soon as I got there. Not just rain, but strong wind and stormy craziness — I guess there was a tornado warning! So I have missed lots of shops who decided to close earlier… :( but in 30 minutes, it was hot and sunny again, though, I was a bit bummed. Bizarre weather!

Well, I still saw lots of great handmade products, I was inspired by some of the booth/display designs, and enjoyed shopping. Took some photos to share — enjoy!

Great posters and kitchen towels by Claudia Pearson:

Awesome Brooklyn poster and t-shirts: (I just can’t locate who this is by — does anyone know?)

Miniature Rhino booth — I’ve been a fan of their work, their booth was so awesome!

Cute leather alphabet rings by Lucky Me Beads:

Loved their display ideas.

Speaking of display ideas, Queens Metal used vintage wooden boxes and oil can tops, I thought it was so cool.

Another cool display idea by the Hand of Fatima Design — using old books as earring stands:

oh hi!

These jewelries by Cursive Design are so great, caught my eye for sure.

and I loved these handmade illustrated prints by Virginia Kraljevic!

Great chalk board and hand written price board:

and last but not least, loved the usage of woods throughout their work and displays via Timber!

I didn’t take photos of ALL the things I saw, but there were many many more… Cheers to all the artists!! I’m glad I made it even in the crazy weather and be able to support handmade!!

3 thoughts on “The Renegade Craft Fair 2010

  1. I’m so sad that I didn’t make it to the fair! Originally I was thinking I would go on Sunday, but as my wallet has nothing but dust in it I decided not to tempt myself with things I couldn’t buy. But I’m sort of glad I missed the storm warnings! I feel bad for all the vendors who worked so hard and had to pack up early because of the weather :(

  2. Hi there!!!

    Thanks so much for this Renegade Round Up!! So glad you checked out the Fair and found some incredible things!

    On a side note – our very own Sue (the founder of Renegade) is the woman behind Timber! – so thank you so much for featuring her awesome work!!

    We just wrote up our own little Renegade Recap on our blog, here:

    Check it out! We hope to see you again next year!!

    All best,
    Sue + Danny + Madelon

  3. *gemmifer*

    ohh I know how you feel… nice to feel that you are supporting handmade/great artists, though! Well, at least that’s my excuse for shopping :P There is always next time!!! :)

    Sue + Danny + Madelon

    Thank you guys so much for stopping by here! I had fun as usual at the event despite the weather. and hi, Sue! I didn’t know you are the woman behind Timber! — love the shop!!! and thank you guys so much for creating such an amazing event for all the handmade artists!!!

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