Custom Wood Type Print

This print was for my husband Randy. He wanted this quote be printed for a while… at the same time, our 2nd year anniversary was coming up, it was the “cotton” year, and I’ve been working with cotton paper… so I immediately decided to print this as one of the anniversary gifts to him! A perfect 2nd year cotton gift :)

Wood types — can’t get enough!

My cheat sheet – it really helps when setting types.


and printed…

It’s mounted, but haven’t been framed just yet… soon, soon.

He liked it and I think it’s helping him, too… :)

6 thoughts on “Custom Wood Type Print

  1. I can’t get enough of wood type either. I used wood stamps to stamp “Menu” on our wedding menu cards. But this is truly awesome — great gift!

  2. I love your typesetting! So refreshing and impressive! We have the Live/Love in a frame by the bed! Hope you and randman are well!

  3. Jen-

    Oh cool, I’m sure it looked fantastic!! Thank you for your sweet comment! :)


    hey!!! Thank you so much for stopping by here and your sweet words, too!! Congratulations – I’ve said that to Sarah many times, but not to you yet so… again… Congrats!!!

  4. hello heartfish people, i discover your website today.
    i need a type with the words
    “VORSORGE PREMIUM” in the typesetting frutiger black in woodtype optic. can you do this and how much is it? can you answer me immediatly, because of urgent nee.
    thanks for your reply.
    c. kircher

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