Rooted in Style

I have been working with Jana for a while on her logos and website – she is a great interior designer in bay area, just launched her new business / design blog called “Rooted in Style” and I am so honored to be a part of this exciting journey, thank you so much!

Logo design: Love the concept behind this name and her vision. We had a lot of ideas around the concept, it was fun to think and come up with different ideas. At the end, she went with more elegant and simplified version of “root” on the ground and also show a new life above the ground.

Her blog design: Her posts have been so inspirational! She featured about me on her first post, too, thank you so much!!

She also has an interior design studio and I got to design her logo, too:

The succulent flowers you see on her blog is coming from her interior design studio logo – they work nicely together actually – I love the background!

I am going to check out my letterpress studio today – I am renting one starting this month! Many more letterpress projects to share very soon!

4 thoughts on “Rooted in Style

  1. Hi Hijiri,

    OK, I just found this; feel so bad, I did thank you, but thought this was on my blog—what, am I new ?? Thank you so much for all that you do and for all that you are. truly inspirational.


  2. Jana-

    oh I see. Because of the pin back maybe? Thank you soo much for taking your time and commenting here, I appreciate it!! Your blog looks soo good with all your great posts, Jana!!

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