I just saw Coraline and WOW, I am blown away!!! I just can’t believe this movie is a stop-motion movie, all hand-made, it is just incredible!! I highly recommend watching it if you haven’t already.

The behind scene videos are amazing, too, I especially like this tiny sweaters video — how amazing is this — and this is just one of the millions of things that went into this movie. I just can’t help wowing!!

I didn’t look around too much before I saw the movie and now I want to find more about the movie and so I explored the website and it is so amazing and fun here, I could spend lots of time playing around! You can really interact with the website, but you have to go into the house, scroll around your mouse, etc. to find them.

and yes, all the graphics are just awesome.

I won’t tell you how to get to these, but here are some of the fun I had :)

It is truly the biggest smallest movie EVER!!!

Happy President’s Day, everyone!!

2 thoughts on “Coraline

  1. What a cute blog you have! Thanks for the heads up on this movie’s website. It is way too fun! I want to go see it even more know.

  2. Hi Susie-

    oh, thank you so much! You would like the movie if you like the website – it makes more sense when you watch the movie! :)

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