My Studio Tour

I am soo excited that my little home and studio tour was featured over at MadeByGirl today!!!

When Jen contacted me and asked me that she is interested in seeing more of my space, I was super excited and of course said YES right away!! She has her own prints and cards shop that is so cute and clever, I feel so lucky to get to know her via Internet/blog!! Her blog is full of inspirations, it is my daily visit ever since I found it.

Thank you so much, Jennifer!! Please click here to see the rest of my home tour.

4 thoughts on “My Studio Tour

  1. It was brilliant to get a glimpse of your gorgeous home and studio, thank you. I have you print in my home and every time I see it it reminds me to keep striving towards living what i love every day!

  2. I adore your inspiration wall! Where did you get those map prints? I can see one of Brooklyn, San Francisco and Boston. I’d love to get one!

  3. Hilary>>

    ohhh, thank you so much!! That makes me really happy to know that my print has been loved by such a beautiful mind – thank you!!


    Thank you! The city prints are from Ork Posters:

    they have more cities to choose from! Enjoy :)

    Mrs. Piss>>

    Hi and welcome!! Thank you so much for your lovely comments!! I’m so happy to hear that you like my little home/studio! :)

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