Letterpress Class 8

I’ve learned a lot in the last class, it was a good class! Nothing new demonstration, but just printing with polymer plates and creating projects, I learned a lot. There are 2 more classes left so everyone started to finish up their own projects and so the press was busy all night.

I mixed Pantone color for the first time. The Pantone book at the school had a little note under the each color on what colors to mix and how much to mix to create the color so I followed the direction.

Tried to make this pretty green.

Take each color based on how much it says to mix.

and mix it together….

It came out nicely!

I printed note cards for gifts, myself, and Randy and me – all A2 flat cards.

This is one of the note cards I printed with letter H:

Love the impression: when using cotton paper, it shows the impression really beautifully! I was staring at them for a while. Can’t wait to print more stuff!