Art of the Book

I found this interesting exhibition that is going on right now at Cooper Union called “Art of the Book” and of course I checked it out and took some pictures for my inspiration and to share with you guys here.

This work below was my favorite – it’s simple, but strong and most interesting, I thought. A pair of shoes and a roll of paper. Shoes have stamp on the sole, one says “I’ll go on” and the other says “I can’t go on” and it looks like this person walked on the roll of paper one step by one step to make a book of… life, perhaps. I love that it tells story (a deep one) by just looking at this work and you can imagine the thoughts that this person must have gone through, how he was walking on this paper etc. it is a great piece, I thought.

What a cool idea!

I saw a lot of creative books, too, and here are some that caught my eye.

Cool openings. Love the mixture of different size of texts.

Very cool typographic books with pencils.

Love the box.

A chainsaw book?

Its cover – cool wood!