Letterpress Class 7

I can’t believe I only have 3 more classes left… I can say that I am more comfortable using Vandercook Press now, from beginning to the end, I can do everything by myself! (well, I’m sure I have a lot to learn still, but I feel like I got the basic of it)

We can now do whatever we want to print, work on our own projects, so I continued printing my holiday card first and some new prints for my shop.

I took wood type blocks and printed “PEACE” on my holiday card — with everything going on in the world, I really wish peace on earth….

Printed on top of my snowflakes linoleum prints from last week:

Printed some more “Live What You Love” in red and blue � Thank you, everyone, the green one is sold out!

Available at my Etsy store.

I ordered 100% cotton paper (means tree-free! I’m so excited about that) and so from here on, I am going to try as eco-friendly as possible with my work and store. These new prints are of course printed on tree-free paper and the paper is made for letterpressing so the impression of the print is more awesome than ever!