My Orange Beautiful Purchases

I wrote about pre-ordering this calendar from Orange Beautiful before, and it finally came! I also ordered “Get Your Sh*t Together” gocco print because my husband says this phrase a lot (haha) and oh my, do they look awesome! They came in this beautiful orange tissue (just like their name!) and it was so nice to open the box and see the beautiful products!

I love their letterpressed card:

The calendar was in a clear box — very nicely packaged together!

It’s right by my computer desk and I can’t wait to turn the page ever month soon!

My print is up on my wall as wel… Time to get my sh*t together! hehe I love it.

3 thoughts on “My Orange Beautiful Purchases

  1. Hi Amy!!!

    This calendar is great, huh? I am going to frame some of my favorite months and I will probably give out some for birthday present or something, too. After the month is over, of course.

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