Letterpress Class 5

I have been so busy that I forgot to do my Letterpress Monday yesterday!! Oops. It was canceled last time so it’s been 2 weeks since my last letterpress class and in the meantime, I have ordered my first polymer plate from Boxcar Press! It was recommended by my instructor and turn around was very fast and I had no problem getting my plate, if you are thinking of having your plate made, I recommend Boxcar Press, too.

I ordered 7.5×11 inches sheet with 12-13 projects on it — you can cut it and use it indivisually. You can reuse it as many times as you’d like.

Out of all the projects I made a plate of, I started with a little thing for myself… holiday card back stamp (front will come later) and my note cards. Just so I can practice printing with polymer plate, too.

On Vandercook Press:

You use this grid base. The plate comes with double-sticky tape so you just stick to it. After you are done printing, you can seal it back and save it in the ziploc bag that also comes with the plate for future use.

The cream color paper is for holiday card and the brown paper is for my little notes. To adjust the paper so it prints in center and to adjust the plate to exactly where you’d like to print, it takes time and practice, but once it’s all set, printing is fun and easy!


My classmates were doing their own thing and they gave me their prints so I wanted to share them here.

The school has not only wood types and metal types, they also have lots of decorative wood blocks (and more stuff, I’m sure) and here’s some prints — so pretty!

ohh, I love this guy!

and another classmate was printing a bookplate with linoleum. What a good idea! The owl is cute, too.

I have to plan ahead so I can do as many letterpress projects in 5 more classes… I don’t want it to end, though!

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