The Upper Rust

I meant to go to “Shady’s Waggery” to look for Maia’s new harness yesterday, but the store has turned into this awesome antique store called “The Upper Rust“! (I’m not sure what happened to the dog boutique…)

The selection in the store is so great, you don’t have to dig through everything to find the one, it’s all there! Price wasn’t too high, either, you would think it would be expensive, but it wasn’t.

Bowling pins! I like the wired basket, too.

I like these antique boxes, especially the typefaces:

Their business card — everything in the store was labeled with this same tag. I think it’s cool idea, it fits the store and it’s unique and memorable.

3 thoughts on “The Upper Rust

  1. Yeah, it is right by Giant Robot! I didn’t have time to stop by this time.. but I love that store as well!

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