Subway Art: 77th Street Station

Haven’t done a Subway Art post in a while… but I found a new one at 77th Street station in Upper East Side (number 6 line). This is towards Downtown/Brooklyn platform. The wall was filled with pretty mosaic flowers as you can see.

Found Type: 301 east

301 east. Found it in Upper East Side on Tuesday.

(I am still behind of everything, I must catch up up up!)

Paper Dress

paper dress

Found this pretty and fun paper dress at the Papyrus show window in upper east side. Caught my eye. It looks like it was made out of scrap papers or misprint papers all cut out to circles. Being a recycle supporter, I think it’s such a cool way to use waste papers :) It also made the dress in fun colors and gave the fish-scale-like texture which I like!

paper dress

and it has a slit on the side, too.

paper dressWonder if it’s wearable… :)