The Fabric of Kate’s Life

My Live What You Love poster has been featured on a Cotton commercial!! See the very beginning and the ending on the left bottom corner?! When they contacted me, I was like YES!! Of course!! and now, it’s on a national TV commercial campaign :) yay!

(Thanks, Andrew, for letting me know!)

Super Bowl XLlll

Yesterday was my annual foot ball day! Super Bowl! It was a good game. I saw some good commercials, too. (and this is the main reason why I watch super bowl)

E*Trade: this talking baby campaign since last year is still pretty funny! This time with another baby – ohhhh, I laughed out loud! this one is different and weird at first, but pretty good, I thought. When the koala bear gets punched, they got me right then.

Coca-Cola: This was the cutest one! Love the story, love the animation!

You can view more on YouTube from here! Hope you had a fun weekend!!

United Airlines Commercial

I have been seeing these awesome commercials for United Airline and I just had to post them here. Especially, when you watch it in HD Television, the animation looks so amazing and I love how each style is different – very artistic!

Sea Orchestra:

Two Worlds: