Star Wars Tenugui


You wouldn’t believe what I found at the Kinokuniya the other day… Star Wars Tenugui! How awesome! There are so many different colors, patterns and characters with Japanese flare, I wanted them all.


The Marimekko Shop

I finally stopped by the Marimekko Shop in the Crate and Barrel SoHo store the other day! Ohh, I was such a happy girl at the shop, I LOVE the bold patterns and the colors of the Marimekko world, and the shop was of course filled with all that and more. I took few pictures with my iPhone so you can virtually visit, especially, for you who live far away from SoHo, NY… The online shop is coming Spring 2011 at, it says!

Love these…

and these…

and the Textile section! swoon…

Awesome pillows, the black and white ones are perfect for our home… wish-listed!

Type Textile

One more type goodies today… I found this wood type (!) textiles from greenolivetextiles at etsy.


Each piece is hand-printed and oh how I love the wood type texture.


Maybe I’ll make a canvas tote bag to bring to my letterpress studio…


or maybe make office pillows… or I can just use it to hide some office craziness… :)


You can check out more fun textiles from their store here.


Volksfaden is an online fabric store based in Germany and not only I love their beautiful fabrics, but also I love their collages! The mix of black and white old photo and the new bright pattern fabric is just great.

You can see more from here.