Found Type: Office

Speaking of Plymouth Street, there is this awesome old street sign of “OFFICE” that I’ve been meaning to take a photo of… finally, here it is! Isn’t this cool? Love the manicule, little curved letters, the textures… <3

The brick building has more letters — in vertical. I guess it used to be a paint company or some sort…

Found Type: DUMBO

Found them around corner from my loft. These signs are everywhere around here, they get me every time! So great.

Modern Box Office >>> ((Love the arrow with the word “office”))

I can’t really read this one… but equally cool.

Happy Friday!


When we were walking around Brooklyn Heights, I found Love Lane off of Henry Street. (Usually, Lane is “Ln”, but here, it’s “LA”…) and I had to stop and take pictures. How sweet would that be to live on the Love Lane? :)

Sending you my love from Brooklyn NY… Especially, to my best friend Naoko and her husband Shiko — they just had a baby!!! Congratulations!!! MUCH LOVE <3<3<3

p.s I also found “Pineapple Street” — how cute!