New Colors: HELLO Letterpress Print

Hello! :)

I printed the HELLO print in new colors…

Wood type set and paper placement adjusted:

1st new color…

a light gray!

and 2nd new color… a light blue!

Here are the final products available at my shop!

HELLO Print in light grey:

hello grey

hello grey

HELLO Print in Blue:

hello blue

hello blue

Hope you like these :) xo Hijiri

New: SMILE Letterpress Print in Red

Just a quick announcement that I printed SMILE in new color — red! :)

Also, Lace Heart Letterpress print in black is back in stock, 4×6 size this time :)

SMILE to you!!

New: Lace Heart Letterpress Gift Tags

New in my shop: Lace Heart Letterpress Gift Tags :) Perfect for sending your love this holiday season! Or in any occasion :) Hope you like them… xo Hijiri

Over at Poppytalk Handmade Artists

I’m over at poppytalk handmade artists blog today! Come visit :)

and yes, I listed more Live What You Love posters and I’m talking about the vintage wooden hangers :)