National Stationery Show 2013 part 2


Continuing my report from NSS this year… It was really awesome to see the Letter & Lark booth and finally meet Colleen in person! Her booth was filled with such sweet and delicate letterpress awesomeness, made me feel so warm by visiting her booth.


Love the woodland creature series (above) and this terrariums prints (below) — so sweet!


and right next to her booth was Parrott Design Studio booth. Lovely to meet Sarah and to see her amazing usage of colors and pretty lettering like these pictures below!


Love this simple yet great calendar!


I loved The Paper Cub Co. and Sass & Peril booth below. It was just so cute! I’d like these posters for Mili’s room, please…



Printerette Press had some really nice letterpress goodies — LOVE this pattern below. They were using this pattern on the back of their business card, too, I couldn’t help but grabbing one.


and cute love card <3


Loved stopping by the Fancy Seeing You Here booth and finally meet Sarah as I’ve missed meeting her last year. These cat prints and cards always make me smile :)


More to follow…

National Stationery Show Behind The Scene 3 + Press Room

The set-up day 3 — I started off with the last row of placing alphabet cards and then, onto placing another vinyl stickers on the wall, kind of like a divider, that goes in between alphabet cards and other greeting cards. But… again, it was really hard to place it totally straight and it made a weird curve towards the right side… (please don’t look closely, I am embarrassed… but it’s true, it was NOT straight…) sigh… oh well.

This is the booth picture at the end of the day. Few decorative things were missing, made a note to bring those, and called the day.

After my booth was very close to be done, I went to the “Press Room” to place our press kits — I was amazed by so many great looking, creative press kits here! This is definitely something I had no idea what to expect and learned so much about. I will do this differently next time for sure. (Mine was just a press release sheets of papers, card samples and my business cards… in an envelope.)

Fugu Fugu Press (left) and Printerette Press (right)

Old Tom Foolery newspaper press kit — very clever and funny, reflects their products very well :)

Paper Stories (left) and Paper Parasol Press (right) — simple and elegant.

((sorry for the blurry pictures))