Hey Yo Yo

Yesterday was our baby shower day! Aww it was soo fun. I want to do it again and again :P We had it here in our loft apartment with our lovely friends’ help (THANK YOU SO MUCH, Mio & Masa!!), it was nothing traditional, coed brunch party just like we wanted :)

I ordered these cute cupcake liners, baking cups and paper bags (aw, the paper bags didn’t get to use, but will be used later!) from Hey Yo Yo — great party supplies shop on etsy! I visited their shop many times prior and wanted to get each one of them, they are all just so cute and fun, makes me want to throw a party all the time!

If you are planning on even a little get together, I would suggest just looking at their shop to get an idea or purchase something fun for your special/non-special occasion :)

Photos from the shower will follow later…

New: Holiday Kraft Paper Bags

Good morning! Hope you had a nice weekend… oh my god, New York City is already filled with holiday stuff, it’s crazy! And thanksgiving is already right here this week… eek soo fast!

Just wanted to let you know that I listed some more letterpress goodies to my etsy shop… yes, it’s for the holidays! :)

If you are planning to gift some papergoods, books, magazines, prints etc. to your loved ones this holiday, I printed something perfect and easy — paper bags to do the wrapping!

Yes, I used wood types to make it really special :)

Type setting — started with same spacing. I LOVE white on kraft paper so I used white ink.


and realized that the letter A and Y for the “holidays” can be tighter…


so adjust the spacing…




and here are the final products…

Happy Holidays! Kraft Paper Bag (set of 5):



Now, the second one… “JOY” — I think it’s one of my favorite holiday words!

Again, started with same spacing and realized that the letter O and Y can be tighter…


Adjust the spacing…




Printing away…


and here they are. JOY Kraft Paper Bag (set of 5):



*I will have some kind of holiday offer to my blog readers this week so stay tuned!!

Met Museum Bag

When I was cleaning my office area, I found the Metropolitan Museum of Art shopping bag. Yes, I keep stuff like this… because it caught my eye and I thought it was cool typographic design. The bag is gold and white lettering around — very chic :)




This reminds me to visit there again… maybe soon… very soon…