Thank You So Much, NSS!

Ladies of Letterpress Booth 2011Ladies of Letterpress Booth 2011The National Stationery show has ended yesterday — what an experience! I am still taking it all in, my body feels like it needs a little more rest, but most of all, I am very inspired and feeling great!! I met so many talented lovely people at the show, that itself was well worth the sleepless weeks.

I will be back with more pictures and thoughts on Monday.

In the meantime, there are great coverages of the show online already, please check these out to see how great everything was!

Oh So Beautiful Paper (see our booth feature here! — Thank you so much!!)

Poppytalk (see our booth feature here! — Thank you so much, 1canoe2! Lovely to meet you.)

Thank you so much, NSS! And especially, all of our Ladies of Letterpress exhibitors and their friends and families — THANK YOU SO MUCH for the wonderful show!! Couldn’t have done it without you <3