Custom Monogram Note Cards

Just finished and sent off these custom order of the monogram letterpress note cards. A set of 10 note cards for each monogram. Katy wanted them in darker colors which I actually don’t do much so it was fresh for me :)

Happy Friday and weekend, everyone! I’m off to print, print, print… xo Hijiri

Sneak Peek…

I’ve been working hard for the National Stationery Show… it is coming right soon… (starts on the 15th!) Just wanted to share some sneak peeks from the new card lines that are debuting then :) More to come! xo Hijiri

New: Monogram Letterpress Notecards Tiffany BLUE/GREEN

Just a quick announcement that I printed monogram letterpress notecards in Tiffany Blue/Green! (Oh, don’t you love that color?!)

Letter M:

And Letter T:

Speaking of Tiffany, I recently went there to clean my ring and necklaces, and oh my god, they came back as brand new jewelry! They weren’t kidding that it’d come back as good as new, I thought it was more! My ring was scratched so much, but all the scratches are gone now. Very impressed and happy me!

Halloween Ghosts Cards

I came across these cute Halloween ghosts block printed notecards at DaWanda — it actually made me think of pacman and made me smile! :) They are hand-block printed with hand curved stamps, I love that.

Yes, Halloween is soon approaching… do you have any fun plans? It’s so funny, it always gets so busy around this time, I haven’t even thought about anything yet… Let me know if you do!