MoMA visit


I’ve renewed my MoMA membership the other day so there’s gonna be more MoMA visits this year… :) These photos are from this week, Mili and I saw Isa Genzken exhibition for the second time. It is pretty outrageous! Awesome works.


There is a colorful typographic wall, it always catches my eye. Just the word “happy” makes you happy, doesn’t it? :)


Isaac Julien: Ten Thousand Waves — we enjoyed this film installation for the second time. There are nine-channel video installation (color, sound) and it is so fun to watch, even for 2-year-old. People are laying down on the floor to watch, we did the same :)





Twenty-Eight Feet Rose

You will find this giant rose on the New Museum if you walk by there right now. Entitled Rose ll by Isa Genzken, it’s the second sculpture to be presented as part of the New Museum’s ongoing Façade Sculpture Program (The first one was “Hell, Yes!” by Ugo Rondinone). It’s a pretty (and HUGE) rose indeed. Caught my eye immediately! More information here.

I should stop by this museum again soon…