Met Museum Bag

When I was cleaning my office area, I found the Metropolitan Museum of Art shopping bag. Yes, I keep stuff like this… because it caught my eye and I thought it was cool typographic design. The bag is gold and white lettering around — very chic :)




This reminds me to visit there again… maybe soon… very soon…

MoMA | Martin Kippenberger

One more post from my MoMA visit… Martin Kippenberger: The Problem Perspective. Just to be in the entrance area of this exhibition made me so excited – walls of great posters he designed for his exhibitions! Each one is so different and unique, my eye was so busy just to take in. I couldn’t take any photos inside the exhibitions, but you will find so many of his works including paintings, sculptures, installations, drawings, prints… lots of stuff. Lots of energy. It was cool.




I especially liked this hand-lettering poster for SF MoMA exhibition. Back in 1991.


It is going on until May 11th, if you are around in NYC, you should go check it out!

MoMA | Tangled Alphabets

I went to MoMA last week and saw a few exhibitions including this Tangled Alphabets by León Ferrari and Mira Schendel – the title itself was so intriguing to begin with and so I was really looking forward to this exhibition – it was really interesting and cool, it was an art created by letters and hand-writing alphabets! It wasn’t design exhibition, it was a true art.

The exhibition starting area. I like the different fonts and words all played around with each other.


The wall explaining who they are:


another shot of the title of the exhibition – it really shows how this exhibition is about.


Some images from the exhibition that I liked:

*All the images from here down are from Tangled Alphabets website.







If you are in NY area, I would recommend checking it out, it’s going on until June 15th this year!

SMFA Traveling Scholars

We went to Museum of Fine Arts, Boston last Saturday for the opening of the SMFA Traveling Scholars — this very noble scholarship award that our friend Niq received from School of the Museum of Fine Arts — and of course to see him and his film for this exhibition!


Museum of Fine Arts, Boston :: entrance is on the other side, but back side is already great.



The entrance:


Big head statue :: there was another one on the other side and that one had opened eyes.


Our friend Niq’s work description:


“Film comes alive when projected but exists as material in its dormant state. In ‘Sunburns’ I am exploring the intersection of materiality and visuality. Solar energy has been focused through a magnifying glass and its imprint burned into the film. Projection transforms the process; the light of the projector takes the place of the sun and the eye becomes the receiving surface.”Nicolas Brynolfson

How interesting. The film was really interesting and beautiful to me, every burned frame was different and created an amazing art. It was like watching a slide show of painting, but it also had a rhythm.

His projector:


OK, there was no way to capture his awesome film nicely on my camera in the dark, but here are some that I tried… these are the creation of Niq and the sun.




There are 6 more artists’ work in this exhibition, they are all different type of art, if you are in Boston area, this is going on until May 3rd so you should go check it out.

Congratulations again, Niq, for this great film, great exhibition!!