Found Type: Jane’s Carousel


On the ground of Jane’s Carousel, there is a huge type (their logo, I guess, but I don’t see it on their website) carved into the asphalt it is really cool!


Letter S.


I wanted to take a whole picture, but it is so big that I couldn’t… the design is really nice, too. Happy found Tuesday!

Found Type: Anthropologie Store

I was in the neighborhood so I stopped by the Anthropologie store in Rockefeller Center last Friday — it’s always so inspirational! Found some types to share :)

Love the type wall (above) — letters are stamped randomly, but it also makes great textures… caught my eye.

and of course, the letter H :)

Even their SALE area had some great type, nice and big, white and red letters…

Moss Covered Monogram Letter

Moss covered monogram letter by a stylish design. (hey, that’s my initial!) I’m sure the texture is great. For your special event or a little finishing touch to your garden area… (makes me want to have a little garden of my own.)

And yes, I would be getting a letter H :)

Alphabet Box

aww these alphabet boxes from Wonderland Room are so cute and practical, makes me excited! (but only PQRST box is available… I can see why…)

Happy Type Friday! xo Hijiri

(Found via UPPERCASE journal)