Found Type: Brooklyn Flea

Last Saturday, we went to Brooklyn Flea and found lots of fun stuff and of course, the types/letters :)

Embroidery letters on an image in a vintage frame — thought it was interesting.

Fun little letters corner.

Bunch of vintage pipe and cigarette tabacco tin cans “Velvet”

Wished my initial contained letter N…

Also wished we had more space…

Vintage Metal Orange Letter H

vintage Hvintage HThis vintage metal letter H is so calling my name… Love the shape and it’s orange! It can come live with me and fit right in here, I know so…

Found Type: Brooklyn Flea

Good morning. How was your weekend? Good, I hope! I started my holiday shopping, pulled out and decorated our Christmas tree (pictures soon)… gosh, I forgot how much I love the holidays! The city is really pretty, it’s worth going outside even though it’s in 30 degrees… aw

I stopped by Kings County General Store (I’ll be showing this Sunday, Dec 12th!) and Brooklyn Flea yesterday and found lots of types besides other things. I lost few images on my iPhone (she’s been acting crazy lately) but here are some that survived and wanted to be shared!

Let’s do this week!!

Found Type: The SoHo Building

Spotted this great building sign for the SoHo Building. Each letter is mounted onto a brick building. Immediately caught my eye! So cool!

I even like it from the other side.

If I ever own a building, this is the sign I’m going to do… (note to the future) :)