Found Type: Anthropologie Store

I was in the neighborhood so I stopped by the Anthropologie store in Rockefeller Center last Friday — it’s always so inspirational! Found some types to share :)

Love the type wall (above) — letters are stamped randomly, but it also makes great textures… caught my eye.

and of course, the letter H :)

Even their SALE area had some great type, nice and big, white and red letters…

Found Marquee H

Walking down on Water Street, I found this marquee H on the window. I think this is from Urban Outfitters (I’ve been eying for a long time) — made me want it even more!

The window is for Henryboy. I think they just moved in…

Vintage Metal Orange Letter H

vintage Hvintage HThis vintage metal letter H is so calling my name… Love the shape and it’s orange! It can come live with me and fit right in here, I know so…