LETTERPRESS Book -my pages-

I have mentioned that my letterpress work and my studio has been featured in the Japanese letterpress book before — I have received my copy shortly after and I have read cover to cover… ohhhh I LOVE it! Miki-san did such an amazing job, I was so very impressed. It’s all in Japanese so it might not be for everyone in the world… but if you can read Japanese or have a family and/or a friend who can, or if you just like looking at Japanese letters and/or photos, I highly recommend getting this book! :)

but really, I can’t even believe it to be included here with so many amazing letterpress folks in this book. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Just wanted to share my pages… that I’m so proud of :)

All of my alphabet greeting cards are featured! Yay! (some are still work in progress… it’s completing soon, though!)

Little Book of Letterpress

I am so excited and proud to tell you that my work and my studio have been featured in this book called “Little Book of Letterpress“! It is a little BIG book, filled with lots of amazing work from all over the world! It is so fun just flipping through :)

The cover has a nice impression, too.

And I have a spread! Page 174 and page 175.

It should be out everywhere in US and outside of US, too. You can grab a copy here or here.

Thank you so much, Charlotte, for including my work!! She also has a great design blog, I’ve been a fan :)