City Love Prints by Art Shark Designs

This San Francisco Love gocco print has been on my etsy favorites for a while and definitely on my wish list for this holiday. It is just lovely and it reminds me of my SF days with Randy.

Art Shark Designs offers different city love prints and they are all so lovely and I’m sure it means a lot especially if you are familiar with the city.

I also like this Philly Love gocco print even though I never really spent time there… I’d love to visit Philly now because of this print!

I love that the couple have red umbrellas. That part is painted by artist one by one with watercolor. That makes it so special!

My Orange Beautiful Purchases

I wrote about pre-ordering this calendar from Orange Beautiful before, and it finally came! I also ordered “Get Your Sh*t Together” gocco print because my husband says this phrase a lot (haha) and oh my, do they look awesome! They came in this beautiful orange tissue (just like their name!) and it was so nice to open the box and see the beautiful products!

I love their letterpressed card:

The calendar was in a clear box — very nicely packaged together!

It’s right by my computer desk and I can’t wait to turn the page ever month soon!

My print is up on my wall as wel… Time to get my sh*t together! hehe I love it.


I love this print by wontingYOU ROCK!

I love the patterns and black and yellow color combination. And who doesn’t like that big ROCK!!! Very nice.

She just got a lot more new prints in her store, just in time for holidays. Thank you, Chrstine, for your wonderful work!