Vinegar Hill

As I mentioned yesterday’s post, there was a cute local flea market in Vinegar Hill so we took a walk around and looked around… and look what I found!

Old tools for sale:

Dolls on the window:

Display window with funny signs:

Blue door with heart-shape key hole and handle area:

Vinegar Hill is such a cute neighborhood, we love it around here. We had the best meal in a long time last night with our friends at Vinegar Hill House, too… along with a Christina Courtin concert at Barge Music. Great time!

Cozy Trees

There is a tree in my neighborhood that looks really cozy… because it is wearing a pretty red sweater :) It makes me smile every time I pass by. Sharing these photos so it makes you smile, too :)

It’s been another busy week… I hope you are hanging in there, too… :)

UPDATES: I found another one wearing a yellow sweater right next to this tree!

Do you see them together?