Miles to Style

Psst. There is a new blog in town :: Miles to Style. My friend slash lovely client Christine from LAMA has launched a blog about fashion and dog!

Christine and her adorable dog, Miles (I’ve met him when I first met Christine, he was in his bag, didn’t say anything throughout our meeting at a cafĂ©. I remember being so impressed by him. What a good boy!) will show you how to coordinate “the look” together both you and your dog and I’m sure more fun posts are coming soon… isn’t it so fun and cute?!

I remember telling Christine when we first got Maia, she was just as excited as I was and she sent me TONS of links for cute dog bags, clothes and collars, I had no idea there were so many fashionable dog related things out there until I had a dog! And yes, she hooked me into all that right away :)

I was so very happy to be a little help putting together the design that she envisioned, too — still in progress, more to come!

Congratulations, Christine (and Miles), everything looks fabulous!! :) xo Hijiri

Make sure to check Miles to Style here.

From the Fashion’s Night Out…

From this year’s Fashion’s Night Out… (wow, I guess this was 2 weeks ago. Time flies so fast lately, I can hardly keep up…)

A live Ken dolls truck! Spotted in SOHO. As you can see, it was surrounded by so many girls and boys! :)

It was so crazy everywhere that night. It sure was way bigger than last year and packed with so many people!

Happy Friday :)

Found Type: Fashion Window Display

I took these pictures in July, but found lots types on fashion window display.

Brooklyn Industries in West Village window:

Some letters are on the window, some letters are 3-D and hanging in the store — gives interesting depth!

and neon letters at Marc Jacobs store in West Village:

Speaking of Fashion… tonight is a Fashion’s Night Out in NYC! I had fun last year, it’ll be fun this year, too… Happy Friday, everyone! xo Hijiri

OVO Costume Design

We went to see Cirque du Soleil‘s OVO about a month ago, and I enjoyed not only their superhuman performance and structure of the show, but also the costume designs so much. Always so special and theatrical, and they do such an acrobatic move in the costume, so intriguing…

For some reason, at Ikea Brooklyn, they are showcasing some of the costumes from the OVO!

I’m not exactly sure if they are the real ones that they are using, though, you get to see the designs here. Aren’t they something?!

(They are all insects.)

Happy Friday!