Minimal Black Heart Print

I love this Minimal Black Heart print by the big harumph! Made with hand-pulled linoleum cut — love the texture and interesting pattern. Makes me want to work on some linoleum prints… :)

Leanne Marshall Takes on Fashion Week

Leanne Marshall Takes on Fashion Week from Etsy on Vimeo.

NY has been busy with Fashion Week, I saw this video Leanne Marshall Takes on Fashion Week and my thoughts are with her and all the independent designers who are doing their collections by hands with original ideas and sleepless nights. Very inspiring.

Hello Sunshine Mug

Hello Sunshine mug by Oh Leander. Hand painted by the artist on a ceramic mug — how simple yet cute!

With this, I am saying hello to the (hopefully filled with sunshine) Labor day weekend :) If you are in US, have a great long weekend! It will probably be a working weekend for me… but I will also try to enjoy my quiet time before the baby comes…

See you on Tuesday! xo Hijiri

Good Life Print

Yesterday, one of my Live What You Love prints was featured in “The Experts Agree” with bunch of other awesome prints (thank you so much!) — I liked all the prints and especially, this Good Life print caught my eye, it’s all made with linoleum and letterpress printed!

Love the typography, too! I can hang this in my kitchen… :)

Available here by niftyswank.