Unite for Japan in NYC

If you are in NYC, please save the date for this Saturday, March 19th for this fundraising event for the Japan earthquake and tsunami relief efforts. It’ll be at the Lolita bar on 266 Broom Street. There will be a $20 cover charge that will 100% go towards donations and also, there will be an auction, jazz performances, DJ performances and more!

I might also be participating another fundraising events, I will keep you posted. Thank you!

Shop and donate!

tota pressThere are a lot of artists trying to raise funds for Japan Earthquake relief, it is so touching to see! It’s great for us, too, we can shop and be a help at the same time :) Tomoko from TOTA Press is printing a special edition of letterpress cards (see picture above) and 100% of the proceeds go to the American Red Cross. Please check it out here!

Fugu Fugu Press is giving you one free card with every order until the end of the month AND 100% of proceeds will be donated to American Red Cross Japan Earthquake and Pacific Tsunami fund.

help japan posterHelp Japan poster by rob dobi, all profits from poster to benefit disaster recovery in Japan.

Help Japan online shop via Swedish photographer Hilda Grahnat. All proceeds will be donated.

More great “help Japan” poster round-up over at Bloesem here!!

Shop anything from Mike Perry Studio and 100% of the proceeds will go to help Japan for the rest of the month.


Last, but definitely not least, oktak is donating 50% of all sales to Japan Earthquake Relief. (she inspired me to do the same!)

and please don’t forget, Heartfish Press is donating 50% of all sales to Japan Earthquake Relief also.

Let me know if you are raising funds or if you know of any other artists doing so, I will keep adding links and information here. Thank you so much! and ENJOY shopping for good cause :)

50% of sales goes to Japan Earthquake Fund

help japanI have decided to donate 50% of sales from my online shop to Japan Earthquake fund all week.

There are a lot of other ways to help Japan:

Text “Red Cross” to 90999 and donate $10 from your phone.
Donate online here to the Red Cross.
Donate online here to the Save The Children.
Donate online here to the Global Giving.
Donate online here to the Salvation Army.
Japan Society, New York
(There are more!)

The news has been breaking my heart everyday… I don’t live there now so I can’t help save the electricity or anything, and this is the least thing I could do as a proud Japanese citizen…

Please help spread the words. Really appreciate your help!

And please, hang in there, for those of you who have been suffering… my thoughts are with you and Japan every second… praying praying praying…

My Heart Goes Out to Japan…

(photo via the Atlantic)

I just had to take a moment here and send all my thoughts out to Japan… what a shocking and devastating news… it broke my heart when I first heard the news and all the photos, videos, news on TV make me tear up. I am praying all day all week… until things get better…

My family is in the south side of Japan so everyone is okay (thank, God) and my friends seem to be okay, too… but I can not imagine how horrifying that is and how worried people are if their families and friends are missing… and that hurts me to even think about that…

I am going to donate funds at Red Cross. I wish I could do more. Stay strong, Japan!!!