Found Type: Modern Boy Office


I was pretty excited to find this sign — this whole building in front of our building used to have many more signs like this, but when they are converting it into a luxury condo apartment, they erased most of them! For some reason, they left this one… I hope they would never erase such special things.



Found Type: Hot Bird

I have been passing by this building on the way to my studio for quite sometime now and always wanted to take some pictures… but I was always on the bus so I couldn’t…

I happened to take a different route the other day and walked by this building — HOT BIRD signage! I love the yellow bricks, too. I don’t see any Bar-B-Q place anywhere near here (or am I simply missing something?) so I think this is an old signage that was left on the building…



Sounds good, though, doesn’t it?! :) Have a pleasant Wednesday, everyone!