Found Type: Hot Bird

I have been passing by this building on the way to my studio for quite sometime now and always wanted to take some pictures… but I was always on the bus so I couldn’t…

I happened to take a different route the other day and walked by this building — HOT BIRD signage! I love the yellow bricks, too. I don’t see any Bar-B-Q place anywhere near here (or am I simply missing something?) so I think this is an old signage that was left on the building…



Sounds good, though, doesn’t it?! :) Have a pleasant Wednesday, everyone!

3 thoughts on “Found Type: Hot Bird

  1. I always loved that sign. Hot Bird was indeed located a few blocks away. It was painted Orange and white stripes with a matching Orange and white metal awning.
    nice blog.

  2. Sandy-

    hehehe! I know, right?! I still pass by there every week and it just always catches my eye!


    Thank you so much for stopping by!! oh wow, you have gone there?! I guess it’s not there any more, though, right?? Someone else mentioned that they looked for it, but they couldn’t find it… Anyway. Thank you!

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