Found Type: M.O.B


I happened to eat at this vegan restaurant called M.O.B on Atlantic Avenue yesterday again, but these photos were taken when I first went there a few weeks ago… you know when I take photos… that’s when I found lots of typography! From their plates (above) to the floor (below), there are typography design everywhere in this restaurant, not to mention they have such fun walls. (Couldn’t take photos of the walls, next time maybe)



And how cool is this door?! Mili was all over it as you can see :)


And their food is so good!!!

Found Type: On Atlantic Avenue

I realize that I am so behind of everything and I still have lots to do at 7pm… but as today’s inspiration, I wanted to post this found type photo real quick. We had to go run some errands earlier today and found this building covered by typography. Caught my eye and so I took picture from inside of the car on Atlantic Avenue. Cool, right? :)

Burton Wells Signage

Caught my eye when I was walking down on Atlantic Avenue. Nice script, nice logo and nice store signage. Burton

Last Exit

Caught my eye when I was walking on Atlantic Avenue. “LAST EXIT” — love the naming, too :) Oh, it’s a bar.

p.s after passing by here, we watched Toy Story 3 — loved it!