Anthropologie Snow Window Display

I am always amazed by how creative anthropologie window displays and store displays are all year round, but this one I saw at their Rockefeller Center location is by far my favorite!! Yes, the letter “S” “N” “O” “W” are falling down and accumulating. How awesome. I love it. I want this in my office window. Seriously.





The window next to it had lots of snowballs. :)


So inspiring!!

Anthropologie + Hatch Show Print

Anthropologie has a catalog out right now that is so special. For their music-themed issue, they have collaborated with Hatch Show Print (!) and what they have done is really inspiring, I had to take pictures and share some of the pages/elements here. I’m sure all the letters are hand-set and hand printed by Hatch Show Print with their awesome collections of wood types and hand-curved letters and images… simply amazing.

The cover. I love the big bold types that are overlapping at each other. Pretty color combination!


The back. How fun! “resonate” “collaborate” – I’d love to try setting types like that someday… Very nice.


and this arrow… awwww so cool!


Page treatment.


Again, these typesettings are making me go crazy! You see things like this throughout the catalog.


and who knew wood types and fashion go so well together?


There are a lot more lovely images, types, atomosphere… along with great anthropologie goods in the catalog, if you haven’t already, please check it out.

Happy Friday, everyone! I hope this inspires your day! :)

Window Type

I was walking down on West Broadway in SoHo the other day and passed by the Anthropologie and noticed the window filled with types. The reflection makes it kind of hard to see, but these types were hand created by tapes, I think. I like that it’s not too visible and too strong, but you see it with the lighting from inside of the store.




Anthropologie always has cool displays indeed… I wasn’t going to stop by, but after seeing this window, I had to go in and look at more cool stuff :) Always a treat to just look around!


Spotted at Anthropologie in Rockefeller Center.

It’s made out of push pins!

It’s swarming very nicely done!

In this room, there were lots of cool hand made chairs they were swarming, too.

There are always so many inspirations at Anthropologie, it is like walking into a gallery. The window display to inside store display, you will find lots of creativities, it’s awesome. And you can shop, too, of course. (smile)