111 Front Street Galleries Sign

I mentioned about 1st Thursdays DUMBO Gallery walk before, the June one is tomorrow — I think I will stop by again :)

111 Front Street Galleries have so many galleries in the building — you couldn’t help but notice the building itself — bright neon pink entrance with big “GALLERIES” sign on the wall through the glass door. (the picture doesn’t show the pink, it was at night and the lighting made it look like red… but it is really a neon pink!) So awesome.

and on the way back, the big “EXIT” sign tells you where to go :)

Love the boldness!

Off to a letterpress studio… have a great day :)

Petals and Wings

Every 1st Thursday of the month, DUMBO is having a Gallery Walk — many galleries are open late and showing works from artists of many disciplines, especially photography, while hosting receptions, producing live music performances and curator/artist talks among other highlights. I went to the May event in between unpacking and working, it was a blast. Saw many great art work and photography.

I especially thought these work by Kathleen Schneider at A.I.R. Gallery at 111 Front Street was interesting — I guess I was more drawn towards the 3 dimensional art, it’s always so interesting to see.

“Wings” — made out of lots of paper planes. Always amazing to see what papers can do.

“Petals” — these were awesome. Caught my eye for sure.

Happy Friday, everyone!