Today’s Bridge 5.25.14


It was a hot summer day on Sunday, we went to the Governor’s Island with our friends and had lots of fun! On the way to the ferry, we saw letters up on the sky above the Manhattan Bridge, caught my eye. Love finding letters in the sky! So cool.

Today’s Bridge 5.24.14

20140527-154022-56422639.jpgThese are from Saturday the May 24th, we had a nice evening family walk around the neighborhood. It was raining earlier so everything looked pretty and shiny.

20140527-154023-56423435.jpgBy that time we went home, it became darker and the Manhattan Bridge from the Pearl Street triangle never looked this pretty…

No filter for both pictures.


Today’s Bridge 4.1.14



It’s April 1st and it’s FINALLY looking like Spring! Yay! What a long and cold winter we had… The trees still don’t have green leaves (might take a little more…) but I saw some little flowers bloomed today and totally made my day. Come out more, Spring, everyone is desperately waiting for you!!!

Today’s Bridge 3.21.14


It was the first day of Spring yesterday and we had a pretty nice and sunny day. (I still see some snow mark this week’s forecast, though… aw) We took a nice walk, but then I realized that the Brooklyn Bridge Park by the Manhattan Bridge is CLOSED! What?! I guess they are working on some new things at the park and it’ll be closed until winter 2014/2015! I was so shocked and bummed to know that :(

Anyways. The photo has no filter, too bad I can’t get any closer to the Manhattan Bridge for a while…