Today’s Bridge 1.11.14


It’s been a while since I posted my Today’s Bridge photos… (I was still taking photos of the Bridges, but never had a chance to post them.. what a shame!)

This is from Saturday, January 11th — it was such a foggy day, reminded me of San Francisco. No filters for this shot.

January 11th was Heartfish Press 3 year anniversary! Thank you so much for your support!! xo Hijiri

Today’s Bridge 7.11.13


It’s been a little while since the last Today’s Bridge post… It’s been screaming SUMMER here in NYC! Mili and I sometimes go to this spot right under the Manhattan Bridge and watch all the boats, airplanes and helicopters go by. We throw rocks, too. It’s a little area that we like. Summer here is great… Enjoying it while it lasts…

Today’s Bridge 5.16.13


It was a beautiful day today! I was not wearing a jacket all day all evening, just my t-shirt and jeans, it felt great! We did a sunset walk around the park this evening, it was soo pretty. Mili pointed at the sky and said “pink!” :) Makes me realize I am in love with this view every time I come. xo Hijiri

Today’s Bridge 5.9.13


It’s been a bit rainy since yesterday, but I took a little walk this afternoon after the rain. It’s getting greener around here! I saw lots of pink petals on the ground, too, it was pretty.


Mili’s been sick since Tuesday… I hope she feels better really soon…