Today’s Bridge 5.25.14

It was a hot summer day on Sunday, we went to the Governor’s Island with our friends and had lots of fun! On the way to the ferry, we saw letters up on the sky above the Manhattan Bridge, caught my eye. Love finding letters in the sky! So cool.

Found Type: Text Ads in the Sky


This is from Monday afternoon, but I saw a text advertising up in the sky! I couldn’t read everything because of the building, but said to “join us #…..” — I’ve never seen a type in the sky like this so I was pretty excited :)


Happy Weekend!


A little belated, but wishing you a very happy weekend… Tomorrow is a Mother’s day. We love you, moms!! And it’s my first mother’s day as a real mom… Happy Mother’s day to all the moms in the world, it’s really hard being a mom sometimes, we all deserve a happy day!! :)

I am back!

Hello! I am back from vacation now, a lot to catch up, feeling a little tired and overwhelmed with what I have to catch up with, but we had such a nice time with friends, different cities, weddings were great, got lots of happy energies…. it was a great trip :)

I took a lot of pictures and I will be sharing them here all week this week! I need sometime to sort everything out, though… (I took 419 pictures, apparently.)

Pictures are from the flight. I love looking out the window and see the sky, ground, the whole earth… it is always different, always inspiring to me.

Somewhere in between LA and Boston:


Somewhere in between Boston to New York:


(the window was really dirty – can you see?)


The best part of coming back from vacation was to see Maia!!! She had a great time also, with her best friend, Hime and her parents. We missed her so much!! Thanks to our petsitter, Mallow and Milo the Chinchillas were doing great, too! :)