First Snow


It snowed yesterday. First one in 2015. Not much, but definitely made everything white. And it’s been below freezing… Here we go, the real winter begins…

Spring At Last… Kind of.


We are having such a slow Spring this year… it’s almost May and still trees are bold and cherry blossoms are blooming finally here and there… and it’s nice, but not that warm… yet.


But makes me really happy to see the vibrant pink on the street! (These photos are from SoHo this morning) We couldn’t go to the annual Sakura Matsuri in the Brooklyn Botanical garden this weekend because Mili was sick, but I saw pictures on the Internet and the park had no cherry blossoms yet!! What?!

Found Art: Egg Hunting




There is an (arty) egg hunting going on in NYC right now. I already found a few! Above eggs are all found in the Brooklyn Bridge park by the carousel, and this one below is found by the Madison square park. Aren’t they all so fun?!


I love when the whole city turns into an art festival, this time is for the Easter :) Hopefully, I can find more arty eggs… They are all pretty awesome!



Oh, yes. I forgot to mention that I was stuck in the snow after I dropped Mili off — the nearest subway line stopped working, the bus was packed and never came, it’s snowing so much and freezing… luckily, I found the donuts store called Dough (I’ve known their awesome donuts from my friends and flea markets, never knew where the actual store was so when I saw it in the snow, I was pretty stoked!) so had a coffee and of course, a donut. It was the best! :) Love their logo, it’s pretty memorable. (This picture is taken from inside of the store so it’s backwards.) and after the coffee and the donut, the subway was back in business I could go home! whew.