Happy Mother’s Day!


Happy Mother’s Day to our moms and all the amazing hardworking moms out there!!! Hope you all are having a great weekend filled with love and laughter.

Mili made me the best present :) I am so happy and so proud to be her mama! Thank you, Mili!


Also, Randy got me some pretty flowers and made me a french toast this morning. What a lucky mom I am! Thank you!


This little girl struggled with high fever this week, ended with rosaola rash, still has some rash on her body, but I am so grateful she is better now!

Children’s Day 2013


May 5th is a Children’s Day in Japan. This year, at Mili’s home school and playgroup, Mili made a Koinobori (above) and I helped her make a kabuto (the traditional Japanese military helmet) with a newspaper (below). I used to make these when I was little at school, it’s really awesome to get to do this all over again with my own kid now! Happy Children’s Day, Mili!


(She didn’t like wearing the kabuto… haha)

Thank you, 2012…

Christmas 2012

I hope you have been having a wonderful holiday season… We had another wonderful Christmas with our family in Massachusetts and are back in NYC, getting ready for the new years… Mili has been obsessed with Christmas trees and ornaments this holiday, it’s so funny. I guess she loves the Christmas! :)

Christmas 2012

Our blog had been having all sorts of problems over the course of years, but the month of December was the worst and I could not handle it any more so we decided to move the site after my husband tried few things. It took us a little bit, but I think it’s safe to say that everything is working well finally! I’m so sorry if you stop by here before and it was directed to somewhere else or it was blank… but now, it’s okay, no more weird stuff, I promise!

Christmas 2012

Year 2012 was all about this girl, Mili. It was so amazing to see her grow and I was so happy that I got to be with her 24/7. She turned one in October and she is able to do lots of stuff now, everyday is a fun and exciting day for both of us :) The picture above is from Christmas day, she received this cute hat from her aunt along with many many presents from everyone.

I think this will be my last post of the year so just wanted to thank the year 2012 for the wonderful time. We have lots of great memories this year, we’ll cherish it forever.

And thank you so much for reading this blog! See you in the new year 2013!! xo Hijiri

Halloween 2012


I have been meaning to post about the Halloween this year — well, we had like 3 things to go to, but everything was cancelled due to the hurricane Sandy! So we just stayed home and played a little dress up :) (We all went for a walk in a costume, but outside was so dark due to the blackouts and no one was in costume! Well, very few kids… it was the least fun Halloween night I’ve ever had since I came to the US…)

Last year, Mili was only a few weeks old, I tried to take the same pictures and compared them with the pumpkin hat on… she grew so much!



And Mili and Maia as witch :) *I was going to be one, too… but oh well.


Hope we can lots of fun stuff next year!