First to Twelve Months with Mili

Here are all twelve pictures of Mili taken on 12th of each month. She has changed so much in a year, it is just amazing and I am blessed that I was there every single day/night to witness everything. I have been taking her pictures almost everyday ever since she was born, but I feel like I’m still missing out… She gained about 13lb/6kg and grew about 11inch/28cm in a year!

She can do a lot of stuff now; she dances, she waves when she hears bye-bye (and I think she might have said ‘bye-bye’ few times), she understands simple commands (tell her to get the bear and she goes to get it etc.) she can put stuff into a container, she points her nose when I say ‘nose’, etc. etc…. Today, she learned the sign language ‘more’! Everyday, when I teach her something, she learns it right away so quickly. She loves to imitate me, too, it’s so cute.

I can’t wait to see what she’ll be able to do next month. It’s getting funner and funner I love it! We love you so much, Mili, you are amazing!!

Mili Turned ONE!

Last Friday, October 12th 2012, Mili turned ONE! And yesterday, she had her first birthday party with our lovely friends :) I have been meaning to do a post about this special moment with all the monthly pictures, but oh gosh, do I ever have enough time to do everything I want to?! (NEVER!) Just wanted to do a quick update and let the world know that our little baby girl turned one and that WE LOVE HER SOO MUCH, Mili!! I will sit down and write about our whole year soon with all the 12 pictures.

p.s This photo shoot was the hardest one EVER. She is so aware of lots of things and she wanted to grab the scrabble tiles and play with them so badly even though I tried to place them secretly and quietly while I played something to distract her, but she knew exactly what I was doing! and she didn’t stay still AT ALL. Plus, they are chocking hazard so I had to hide them every time she tried to get them… Here are some outtakes :)

8 months with Mili


Mili turned 8 months yesterday! I realized that I didn’t do a monthly post since she turned 4 months so here are all 8 pictures of Mili. I can’t believe she is this big already. She’s finally started (army) crawling, working on pulling up herself to stand, trying to be on her tummy from sitting up, saying not only mama, baba, but also dada and lots of baby words (haha), drinking from sippy cup all by herself etc. When I put her stand up by the couch, she’ll be standing by leaning and grabbing the couch for a while now, too. She’s learning lots of things everyday it’s impressive! I wish I could videotape her all day long, she is constantly making me laugh, doing funny things :) We love you, Mili! Happy 8 months!



Happy 4 months!

Mili is happily 4-month old today! She is getting so big I can hardly believe it. I want her to grow up more so I can do more stuff with her, but at the same time, I want her to stop growing right now, it is just going way too fast! She’s been continuing to work on grabbing things, cooing and screaming, rolling over, mini push-ups, and started to work on sitting up, standing with our support and crawling (!). Also, I think she started teething… she drools and chews so much now. (aww I don’t want her to have teeth yet!) She does so many face expressions, too, it is really fun just watching her :) Love you, Mili, you are the best!