First to Twelve Months with Mili

Here are all twelve pictures of Mili taken on 12th of each month. She has changed so much in a year, it is just amazing and I am blessed that I was there every single day/night to witness everything. I have been taking her pictures almost everyday ever since she was born, but I feel like I’m still missing out… She gained about 13lb/6kg and grew about 11inch/28cm in a year!

She can do a lot of stuff now; she dances, she waves when she hears bye-bye (and I think she might have said ‘bye-bye’ few times), she understands simple commands (tell her to get the bear and she goes to get it etc.) she can put stuff into a container, she points her nose when I say ‘nose’, etc. etc…. Today, she learned the sign language ‘more’! Everyday, when I teach her something, she learns it right away so quickly. She loves to imitate me, too, it’s so cute.

I can’t wait to see what she’ll be able to do next month. It’s getting funner and funner I love it! We love you so much, Mili, you are amazing!!