Heart Street

We have been couch hunting for a while… still no luck, though, I found the cutest street in SoHo yesterday after stopping by Room and Board… a Heart Street! (on Broadway and Prince to be exact — I think it’s for Victoria’s Secret, but didn’t say…)

You might know already that I am obsessed with heart-shape… so this street stopped me immediately! <3

It was then navigating you to the subway entrance…

I hope this makes you smile for the rainy grey day (at least in NY)… :)

Off to letterpress studio today… see you all tomorrow!

4 thoughts on “Heart Street

  1. That’s one of the things I love most about NYC… you never know what you’re going to see just going about your normal routine!

  2. Jen-

    ah right. I thought so. Wish they keep it so it’s always there! :)


    you are absolutely right! I love that about NYC very much!

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