Vintage Office Goods

While I’ve been getting inspirations for vintage patterns, I also have found some cool vintage goods that I can use for my new office… (we are switching rooms this summer, setting up new office space very soon — hope to show some here!) I need a major re-organization and my shop stuff keeps piling up… so as we are getting new shelves, desks, etc. and I need new old stuff to not only decorate the office room, but also to make it function… and here are my finds I want to share :)

Vintage Sun Lamp:


Vintage Golden Yellow Organizer:





Industrial Galvanized Metal Boxes:


Vintage Office File Box:


Happy Friday!


Today is my Dad’s birthday!! Happy birthday, Dad, we love you!!!! :)

3 thoughts on “Vintage Office Goods

  1. oh my, I had to go and check out all of these great shops and I think I hearted about every single thing that you found! Great great colors.

  2. Hi ursula-
    Hi Jen-

    thank you so much! So glad you guys like them, too!! Makes me happy :)

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