New Monogram Letterpress Notecards

I have been wanted to add this in my shop for a long time and finally, I am happy to announce that the new monogram letterpress note cards are added to my shop!

I have all the letters, A to Z, but for now, available letters are S, N, K, T, M, A, F, V in yellow-orange and H, G, B, W, L in pink. If you don’t see your letters, but would like one, I will print them in any colors you’d like so make sure to contact me.







Have a great Memorial Day weekend, everyone!!! (I have a big working weekend ahead of me…)

9 thoughts on “New Monogram Letterpress Notecards

  1. I have Y!!! of course!!! you graphic designer thing, specify with the PMS colors! :D

  2. Loving these. They are so cute. I already have one of your prints, now i just need to add these to the collection.

  3. What is the price of the Monogram Letter Press Note Cards? Also could they be used as an invitation? How long will it take to make and for me to receive them

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