Found Type: Mets’ Stadium

We went to see Red Sox vs. New York Mets exhibition game on Saturday and while I enjoyed watching the game, I also enjoyed the brand new stadium, Citi Field‘s designs.

The entrance area:


The first signage I saw – thought this Met’s guy is cool….


until I saw the real (?) one and I didn’t think he was cool any more…


(pardon my blurry picture) All the signages are designed well, I thought. Dark blue and dark red are used throughout the stadium.


Found Number 1:


Nathan’s Hotdog! It was big and yummy.


Section numbers – Easy to see, cool numbers – I like it.


Floor guide:


The game:


Saw Daisuke Matsuzaka pithced:


I like watching a live sports game, I like the energy so much. My Dad used to take me to watch baseball games, too, so I always like going to baseball games. Randy grew up with Red Sox so now I have someone to cheer for, which makes it funner and more enjoyable, too! Hope you all had a great weekend!

2 thoughts on “Found Type: Mets’ Stadium

  1. look at all the fun typography ;)
    i’m more of a basketball girl, but baseball games are a lot of fun too… go giants!
    xo s

  2. he he he. I know, basketball is always in action, I like watching it, too (I’ve only been to one live game, though), baseball game is sometimes so slow and it could get boring, but as long as I have types to look at and hotdogs to eat, I’m fine :) xo

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