Weekend Wishes

I hope you all had a great week and that you are ready for the weekend! We are going to go see Red Sox vs. New York Mets exhibition game at the brand new Mets’ stadium tomorrow and I have to do tax related things all weekend… (yes, we are VERY last minute… aww)

Just wanted to wish everyone a happy weekend and wanted to share these amazing photos of my letterpress print from Lindsay at Lindsay Wilson Photography. I mean, wow, my print looks 100 times better here, don’t you think?! I LOVE her shelf with vintage cameras and a splash of turquoise blue in black and white, very simple and elegant. And there is more… Lindsay is giving away this print for her blog readers! Please visit her blog and just tell her what you love in the comment section and you might win this print! Thank you so much, Lindsay, for your wonderful mention about my print and these gorgeous photos! Good luck to you guys if you are entering her contest!




See you guys on Monday :)

4 thoughts on “Weekend Wishes

  1. discoursedesign-

    Hope you had a great weekend also… thank you so much for your wonderful comment!! Flattered!!


    lovely, indeed!


    ohhh, you are so sweet — your photographs and the shelf are amazing!!! Thank you again for your wonderful mentions about my print!!!

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