Alphabet Buttons

I love these alphabet buttons from Treatzone… don’t they look great?! Each letter looks different, is featuring vintage lettering, and I love that it’s black and white. I see my “H” and it’s calling me…

*NOTE: These buttons are now available at Treatzone etsy shop!!! Yay!!!

I also came across these customized cross stitched fabric button from erase and repeat… you get to pick any alphabet and you can get the heart shape, too! All hand-stitched.

(I love this photo with lots of type background – I think it’s a page from a book)

These would make a cute refrigerator mangets! I actually need some more magnets for my inspiration board, these would be really perfect…

5 thoughts on “Alphabet Buttons

  1. These are so fantastic! Great find. I think I may pick up a few for my birthday. They’d be fun for Valentine’s Day too with the heart.

  2. Hello there! I was just googling for eraseandrepeat and got here to your lovely blog :) Thanks for featuring my cross stiched buttons!

  3. Sina-

    I loooove your buttons, thank YOU for coming by – I’m glad you found it!! :)

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